KGC & The Industry

We have always believed we should give back to the industry and work to make it a better place. It often surprises our clients and even us sometimes just how much work we do but we think it is worth it.

Below are just some of the things we are and have been involved with over the last couple of years:

The Pensions Regulator – Kim has worked with TPR for a number of years, originally on the Record Keeping and Internal Controls Codes. She is currently participating in TPR’s Value for Money sessions and the new DC Code of Conduct development, she was a member of both the DC Practitioners Panel and the DC Master Trust Assurance working party. As an organisation, KGC is regularly consulted on pension matters.

Pensions Management Institute – KGC produced a Guide to DC Governance for PMI, which is also used as part of new Advance Diploma supporting material for Professionalism and Governance. Lesley was past Chair of the Qualification and Examination Committee (QEAC). She currently sits on the QEAC committee, is a main council member and a member of the PMI board. We are immensely proud that she received the 2015 award for outstanding contribution to the PMI. Kim is the Principal Examiner for the new Diploma module covering professionalism and ethics and is a Fellowship Network Ambassador.

Pensions Administration Standards Association – PASA is supported by many different industry stakeholders with the aim to improve the outcome for those dependent upon delivering it. Kim is a Board member and Chair of the Standards & Accreditation Sub-Committee. Hayley was critical to the set up and creation of the Association’s infrastructure and Lucy provides full secretariat support to the Board.

The Pensions Advisory Service – This organisation is a voluntary service to assist members of pension schemes to understand pensions and helps resolve any issues that arise. Kim is a TPAS Regional Organiser assisting and supporting new advisers in her region as well as being an Adviser. She was awarded a Fellowship in 2014 for her outstanding services to TPAS.

Other Bodies – We also believe in supporting our industry through responding to industry consultations whether from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) or TPR.  Kim and Lesley have been involved in PLSA (formerly the NAPF) and have spoken at a regional and national level.  In October 2015, both Lesley and Kim were invited to speak on operational DC risk at the EIOPA conference in Frankfurt – the only practitioners speaking alongside European regulatory bodies.