Would it be useful to have a wealth of information on fees, services and trends for actuarial and administration providers? Are you looking to take a view on how your service delivery compares to what’s available in the market? Do you know how you scheme costs compare? Are you interested in knowing what’s impacting on service providers and what they’re doing for the next 12 months?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Since 2009 KGC has been producing annual actuarial and administration surveys covering all those questions. The main aim is to give schemes, trustees and sponsoring employers an understanding of what the market has to offer in terms of service delivery and cost, or more importantly value for money. We appreciate no two schemes are the same so all participants are asked to provide information based on the same scenario schemes across a range of sizes to enable us to compare like with like.

Both surveys compare what participants include in their core services and where they make additional charges. We also offer participants the opportunity to provide commentary on how they see the industry developing and how they’re meeting the challenges their clients face.

All of our previous surveys are free to download:


‘The KGC annual surveys are without doubt a comprehensive source of data on the service and fees trustees and schemes can expect to pay. It is illuminating in terms of appreciating the different services provided as core and those that are seen as additional. It give us confidence to challenge our providers but also to understand when we are getting value for money. It is not all about the fees, it is about what you get for them and these surveys help our clients understand that’.
Ian Pittaway, Independent Trustee, Sackers